I’ve written a short piece on Italy’s decision to introduce a vaccine mandate for over-50s, in which I claim that the measure has little to do with public health. Rather, the motive is political: to further alienate the small minority of vaccine hesitant Italians (which will continue to be blamed for all the government’s failures), exacerbate social conflict and thus justify the maintenance of the permanent state of emergency necessary to continue with the de-democratisation, neoliberalisation and oligarchisation of the country.

Here’s my latest article, about the EU’s return to austerity, and how we are seeing a repeat of the post-2008 approach, with large debt burdens used as an excuse to punish – once again – the poorest and weakest members of society. I also explain how the EU’s pandemic recovery fund is not about welfare but about handing Brussels even more control.

I’ve written an article about Matteo Salvini’s transition from die-hard eurosceptic to die-hard europhile. In it, I argue that the EU’s economic pensée unique, by ruling out all alternatives to managing the economy other than the neoliberal rulebook, is increasingly shifting challenges to the status quo, and to the EU itself, from the socioeconomic terrain to the cultural and identitarian terrain, thus fuelling the very culture wars that are tearing our societies apart. I hope you enjoy it.