My lengthy review of Thomas Piketty’s latest 1,000-page-long tomeCapital and Ideology, for American Affairs. It’s an interesting book, with some radical theses (few authors nowadays dare to openly challenge private property), which unfortunately is led astray by the author’s globalist biases, which blind him to the fact that transnational democracy, let alone transnational socialism, is absolutely unworkable, even if it were necessary (which it isn’t, as I argue). 

The coronavirus is shattering many neoliberal myths – the scarcity of money, the superiority of the market over centralised economic planning and the welfare state, the pros of EU/euro membership and economic hyper-intergration. But nonetheless we should be weary of pronouncing neoliberalism dead. 

My take on the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic for unHerd.

Hey everyone, I’ve redesigned the site and taken down the old posts. Here’s a selection of articles of mine from the past few years: