I’ve written about the increasingly popular theory of degrowth communism. Its message is simple: capitalism’s drive for profit is destroying the planet and only “degrowth communism” can repair the damage by slowing down social production and sharing wealth. Humans need to find a “new way of living”, and that means replacing capitalism. However, there are serious unintended consequences to this theory, which actually risk empowering the globalist capitalist elites degrowthers proponents claim to be fighting. This is what I consider to be the most concerning element of degrowthism (and any other form of apocalyptic environmentalism): by constantly engaging in “doomerism” — the idea that either we fix everything or we’re all screwed — they’re effectively saying that anything is justified in order to “save the planet”, including all manner of authoritarian interventions. It’s like Zero Covid on steroids. After all, if the very survival of life on Earth is at stake, surely we can’t allow the complexities of democratic debate and deliberation to stand in the way of doing what’s needed? In this sense, doomerism offers a political cover to what is ultimately the easiest way to reduce people’s consumption levels: making ordinary people poorer — which indeed seems to be the solution pursued by elites. You can read the full article here.

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