I’ve got a new piece up on UnHerd on the fall of Mario Draghi’s government. Even though the establishment is reeling in horror, the truth is that Draghi has been a disaster for Italy – in economic, social and political terms. And it couldn’t have been otherwise from a man who is literally the bodily incarnation of neoliberalism (as I explained here) – and who was called in to do the EU’s (and Pfizer’s) dirty work. So the end of his techno-authoritarian reign is good news. But there’s little to celebrate: the reality is that whoever gets elected next, the country will continue to be essentially run from the outside by the EU. And this is how things will continue to be until Italy frees itself from the EU’s neocolonial rule.

Speaking of which, I’ve also written a short piece about how the pandemic hasn’t fundamentally altered the functioning of the eurozone: elected governments continue to be dependent on good will of the ECB – a democratic disgrace – and the recent launch of the ECB’s new “anti-fragmentation” Transmission Protection Instrument (TPI) simply confirms that.

Finally, Toby Green and I have also written a piece about the return of anti-science Covid fear-mongering, on how the latest Omicron subvariant and Long Covid are now being weaponised by the usual suspects to demand the return of Covid restrictions. But these measures have failed on all accounts – not least that of stopping the spread of the virus.

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