Dear all, I had a piece out last week in UnHerd on why the European elites’ disastrous management of the Russia/gas supplies issue is likely to spark civil unrest on a level unseen in a very long time. I’ll return on the matter soon, in particular to explain why the only way forward at this point is nationalising the energy companies – which is the point that sparked the greatest controversy (see the “comments” section at the bottom of the article).

I’ve also just got a piece out on why Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s likely next prime minister, is not Mussolini 2.0 – but rather another representative of the Single Party of Neoliberalism, the EU and NATO. Those who will vote for her in the hope that she will deliver change will be disappointed.

Finally, an article on the growing monkeypox hysteria, and how we are repeating the same flawed approach we saw with Covid – spreading misinformation about the nature of the disease, and sowing unnecessary panic and fear among those who risk little or nothing from it, while denying those who actually are at risk the kind of targeted messaging and protection they deserve.

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